About Music Therapy

Welcome to know more about Music Therapy!

Agape Music Therapy service aims to serve others with the greatest love of all, using the passion from music.  The founder of AMTS, Anna Tang is well-trained at University of Queensland to become an Australia Registered Music Therapist. We believe that the professional use of music can enhance others quality of life, especially in education and community sector.

What is Music Therapy?

Australian Music Therapy Association defines MT as:

• The planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being. People of any age or ability may benefit from a music therapy program, regardless of music skill or background.

• May address physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals within a therapeutic relation

• Focuses on meeting therapeutic aims, which distinguishes it from musical entertainment, or music education (therapy=/= teaching or performance)

• Allows an individual’s abilities to be strengthened and new skills to be transferred to otherareas of a person’s life.