About Music Therapy

Welcome to know more about Music Therapy!

Agape Music Therapy service aims to serve others with the greatest love of all, using the passion from music.

What is Music Therapy?

Australian Music Therapy Association defines MT as:

• The planned and creative use of music to attain and maintain health and well being. People of any age or ability may benefit from a music therapy program, regardless of music skill or background.

• May address physical, psychological, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals within a therapeutic relation

• Focuses on meeting therapeutic aims, which distinguishes it from musical entertainment, or music education (therapy is different from teaching or performance)

• Allows an individual’s abilities to be strengthened and new skills to be transferred to otherareas of a person’s life.

Sing and Grow

Anna recently became one of the music therapist who works for the community driven project called Sing and Grow. It provides services for young children and their families. Programs focus on strengthening family relationships, building capacity in parents to support their children’s development in the early years of life, and encouraging the use of music within communities. All services are facilitated by Registered Music Therapists, with additional Sing&Grow training.

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It was a very positive experience to work with CLAN and hope that this program helps more families to develop healthy bonding with their children.

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Feedback from Parents

Why did you choose Sing and Grow?

  • An activity that’s fun for my children – and educational
  • Spend some time with my youngest child while older siblings in school, doing music and activities together
  • Activity and interaction
  • Local, free, good learning experience, connect with other families
  • It’s fun for kids and socialisation for me
  • I thought it would be a good way to get the kids active and out of the house
  • Attended previously and thoroughly enjoyed it

Do you have any other comments?

  • Loved the CD for the car, the whole famliy sing the songs, great to spend time together
  • Loved the musical instruments, loved that we got a CD so we could learn the songs – wish it went for longer!