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Music therapy has been recognized by the NDIS for inclusion under the support cluster of ‘Capacity Building’ supports and improved Daily Living – to facilitate functional improvement through adjustment, adaptation and building capacity to participate in the broader community.

Music teachers and community musicians are not funded under the NDIS as they are seen as mainstream, everyday services. However, the NDIS may fund the support needed to access these music programs, for example funding transport and/or a support person.

How do I access music therapy?

Music therapy is provided as an allied health service, in the same way as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physio therapy and many others. If you have funding under the category of individual therapeutic support or group therapy support, you may choose to use that funding, or part of that funding, for music therapy.

For more information, contact ndisrep@austmta.org.au.

New Consultation Rates from February 2021
For Self-managed and Plan Managed Therapeutic Supports
Individual Clinic-based Sessions
  • Initial consultation: $150 per hour
  • 1:1 ongoing session: $60 per 30 mins/ $80 per 45 mins/ $100 per 60 mins
  • online/face-to-face treatment review:  $100 per hour with $65 per progress report

Terms & Conditions

Rates are subject to adjustment at the start of a calendar year, or when determined by Anna Tang. Some prices are discounted compared to prices recommended by NDIS for Therapeutic Supports and Early Childhood Supports, and depends on the individual agreement prior to consultation. Cancellation fee will be applied if the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours or no show, see details on policy in service agreement.